Vibrant Worship

Adult Choir (11:00 Mass)

Liturgy and music are at the heart of what we do as Catholic Christians. The Adult Choir provides music for the 11:00 am Sunday Mass, as well as special liturgies and seasonal programs. Membership is open to teens and adults with pleasant singing voices. Although the ability to read music is optional, being able to sing “SATB” scores is helpful.

TIME COMMITMENT: Required weekly rehearsals are on Thursdays at 7:30 pm and Sundays at 10:00 am.

FOR INFORMATION: Dave Dettloff, 330-867-1055, ext. 202 or

Art & Environment Ministry

Those gifted in the application of the visual arts to Catholic liturgy are invited to bring their talents to this ministry. The Art & Environment Ministry strives to create an atmosphere that will enhance the liturgical seasons and inspire the assembly through the use of color, texture, plants, flowers and abstract concepts. Artists and designers as well as those interested in church environment are welcome.

FOR INFORMATION: Fr. Steve Brunovsky, 330-867-1055 or

Baptism Greeters

Baptism Greeters welcome families who are bringing their children to be baptized and accompany them through the details of the sacrament, whether during the liturgy or outside of Mass. It is a ministry of hospitality.

TIME COMMITMENT: As available, based upon the monthly Baptism schedule

FOR INFORMATION: Beth Rado, 330-867-1055, ext. 206 or


Cantors function as leaders of our sung worship: announcing hymns, singing the responsorial psalm, intoning the Gospel acclamation and supporting sung music during liturgy. A pleasant voice and a welcoming demeanor is essential, as well as musical ability and sensitivity to liturgy. The ministry is open to anyone high school age or older. Training is provided.

TIME COMMITMENT: Cantors rehearse individually.

FOR INFORMATION: Dave Dettloff, 330-867-1055, ext. 202 or

Children's Liturgy of the Word

This worship program is offered to preschoolers (ages 3-5), as well as older children in grades K-3 who attend the 9:00 and 11:00 am Sunday Masses during the school year. Children are invited to follow our catechists to the Meeting Rooms to experience the Liturgy of the Word in a manner which they can understand and embrace. Discussion and prayer are part of this worship experience. Adult catechists and adult and teen assistants are needed to support this vital ministry. No prior experience needed. All materials are provided.

FOR INFORMATION: Marie Colaner, 330-867-1055, ext. 217 or

Contemporary Ensemble

The Contemporary Ensemble supports and enriches our sung prayer at the 9:00 Sunday Mass through the use of a variety of instruments and voices. The repertoire of this group is characterized by an upbeat, folk music style. Teens and adults with a pleasant singing voice or instrumental skills are welcome.

TIME COMMITMENT: Required weekly rehearsals are held following the 9:00 am liturgy.

FOR INFORMATION: LuAnne Toth, 330-608-1689 or

Dance Ministry

Individuals with dance experience are invited to participate in special  performances throughout the year, using the art of sacred dance to praise God.

TIME COMMITMENT: Rehearsals are scheduled at the convenience of the dancers.

FOR INFORMATION: Joyce Cunningham, 330-864-8082 or; Julie Randall, 330-665-4634 or

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist in the distribution of the Eucharist at parish Masses and in our area nursing facilities. Interested parties must be fully initiated (have been Baptized, received First Eucharist, and Confirmed), be in a sacramental marriage if married, and serve upon the recommendation of the Pastor. New Eucharistic Ministers receive training from the Diocese of Cleveland as well as here at St. Hilary.

TIME COMMITMENT: Serve 2 to 3 Masses per quarter.

FOR INFORMATION: Fr. Steve Brunovsky, 330-867-1055, ext 204 or

Hand Bell Choir

The Hand Bell Choir enhances the celebration of liturgies throughout the year. The ability to read music and a sense of rhythm are important. Membership is open to teens and adults.

TIME COMMITMENT: Weekly rehearsals are held on Thursdays from 6:15 to 7:30 pm.

FOR INFORMATION: Dave Dettloff, 330-867-1055, ext. 202 or


Lectors proclaim the Word of God at Masses and special liturgies. Those who choose this ministry help us to have a truly profound love for Scripture and to understand its power to sanctify us. Training is required.

TIME COMMITMENT: Serve 2 to 3 Masses per quarter.

FOR INFORMATION: Bruce Kenny, 330-666-5718

Life Teen Music Ministry

Teen and Young Adult musicians provide the music for our Sunday 5:30 pm Mass. The ministry’s contemporary Catholic Christian music is an uplifting and moving departure from the traditional worship music. Guitars, percussion, piano and vibrant, heartfelt vocals are needed.

TIME COMMITMENT: Required rehearsals are at 3:30 pm on Sundays prior to Mass.

FOR INFORMATION: Stephen Garchar, 330-788-5537,

Liturgy Planning Team

This team meets seasonally to plan major Feasts and Solemnities, special Masses, Communal Penance Services, and Evening Prayer. Team members have a love of liturgy, an openness to continuing education, and a desire to enhance the worship life of our parish.


FOR INFORMATION: Dave Dettloff, 330-867-1055, ext. 202 or

Mass Coordinators

Individuals with a love of the liturgy and a knack for detail are invited to give their time through this ministry. Each of our weekend liturgies has a coordinator who arrives early to help with the immediate preparations for the Mass, from overseeing the liturgical ministers, to ensuring everything is in place for the celebration of the Eucharist.

TIME COMMITMENT: One Mass time per weekend

FOR INFORMATION: Dave Dettloff, 330-867-1055, ext. 202 or

Mass Servers

Boys and girls in grades 6 and up (from St. Hilary School, P.S.R., or home schooled) assist the priest at weekend liturgies by serving at the altar of God. Adult servers are needed for weekday Masses and funerals.

TIME COMMITMENT: Serve 2 to 3 times per quarter.

FOR INFORMATION: Fr. Steve Brunovsky, ext. 204 or

Ministers of Hospitality (Ushers)

Parishioners with the gift of hospitality and sense of liturgical care are invited to serve in this vital ministry. Ministers of Hospitality perform a variety of services, including greeting people before and after Mass, assisting with seating, helping with the offertory collection, and distributing bulletins. Families are invited to perform this ministry together.

TIME COMMITMENT: Ministers of Hospitality arrive 20 minutes prior to the assigned Mass, help arrange church after Mass and attend an annual meeting during Lent.

FOR INFORMATION: Paul Heil, 330-665-1082 or; Thomas Peltier, 330-836-6123 or


The Sacristan keeps the Sacristy in good order and oversees specific liturgical needs within the worship space.

TIME COMMITMENT: At your convenience.

FOR INFORMATION: Dave Dettloff, 330-867-1055, ext. 202 or

St. Cecilia Singers (Grades 2-8)

This musical group is open to all parish youth in grades 2-8, regardless of school affiliation, interested in sharing their musical talents with the Church. Youth choir members will use instruments as well as choral music to enrich weekend liturgies and sacred music programs throughout the year.

TIME COMMITMENT: Alternating Tuesday evenings from 6:00-7:30 pm. More rehearsals may be scheduled seasonally for Christmas and Easter.

FOR INFORMATION: Dave Dettloff, 330-867-1055, ext. 202 or

Worship Space Sacristy Committee

This committee cleans the worship space (church and sacristy) twice a year before Christmas and Easter.

TIME COMMITMENT: About four hours, twice each year

FOR INFORMATION: Meg Hopp, 330-867-8917 or

XLT! (Exalt)

XLT! offers a joyous night of prayer, praise and Eucharistic Adoration, as well as an opportunity to encounter our Eucharistic Lord with one another as a community of faith. XLT! is a national movement that continues to be enjoyed at number of parishes within the Diocese of Cleveland. All are welcome to join us for a complimentary fellowship dinner prior to XLT! immediately following the Sunday 5:30 pm Mass. All ages are welcome!

Upcoming XLT! dates: Sunday, November 19, 2017