Pastoral Support

Evangelization Committee

It is estimated that only 23% of U.S. Catholics attend Mass each week. The absent 77% are our parents, siblings, spouses, children, friends and acquaintances. Pope Francis tells us that we cannot leave things as they are presently. The members of this ministry seek to respond to the Church’s need for a new evangelization, which according to Pope Francis, calls for personal involvement on the part of each of the baptized.

OUR VISION:  The Evangelization Committee is an actively engaged, spirit-filled, agent of change that assists the parish in fulfilling its evangelization mission.
OUR MISSION:  To build bridges, educate, and communicate to fulfill the evangelization portion of the parish mission.
OUR GOAL:  Growth in the number of engaged, spirit-filled parishioners.

TIME COMMITMENT:  Third Wednesday of each month from 7:00 to 8:30 pm

FOR INFORMATION:  John Randall, 330-665-4634, or

Offertory Counters

As the name implies, volunteers involved in this ministry count the offertory contributions made by parishioners each week. Volunteers need to have an understanding of basic accounting and have experience with calculators. In this important role, they are the first line of stewards of treasure of our parish.

TIME COMMITMENT: Two hours per week on Mondays.

FOR INFORMATION: Gay Bisheimer, 330-668-1052, or

Parents' Association

The St. Hilary School Parents’ Association exists to support the needs of St. Hilary School. The objectives of the Parents’ Association are to promote communication between the home and the school, to develop and conduct fundraising events for the benefit of the school, and to provide financial assistance for special projects and needs of the school. The Parents’ Association is served by a multitude of parent volunteers in a variety of capacities, including the school hot lunch program, room parents, annual fundraisers, and much more.

MEETINGS: General meetings are held in September and January; executive board meets monthly. Volunteer time commitments vary depending upon position.

2016-17 Parents’ Association Executive Board
Nicolle Swiatkowski, (President): 330-472-1067 or
Jennifer Towell (President-Elect): 330-701-4327 or
Jennifer Montisano (Vice-President): 330-730-4809 or
Heather Bentley (Secretary): 330-607-2250 or
Anne Luby (Treasurer): 918-724-1830 or

Parish Finance Council

The Parish Finance Council is an advisory body comprised of parishioners with business, finance, building and other backgrounds. The group assists the Pastor and the parish business manager the administration of finances, maintenance and capital improvements in order to carry out the mission of the parish.

MEETINGS: The Finance Council meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm.

FOR INFORMATION: Maura Bozzelli, Finance Council Chair, 330-338-4225 or

St. Hilary Parish Foundation

stHilary foundation
Founded in 1976, the St. Hilary Parish Foundation includes the Unrestricted Endowment Fund, School Endowment Fund,  designated funds and The St. Hilary Legacy Society. Donors who have made long-term commitments to the St. Hilary Parish Foundation through planned or deferred gift arrangements becomes members of the St. Hilary Legacy Society.

Like many charitable giving programs, the Parish Foundation seeks and accepts donations in any amount at any time of year. Foundation programs support only St. Hilary Church and St. Hilary School. A board of trustees oversees the endowment funds, investments, and spending.

St. Hilary Parish Foundation Board Members
Edward Carter- President
Frederick Lombardi- Vice President
Stephen Hammersmith- Secretary
Matthew Shannon- Treasurer
Kathryn Dindo
Stephen Strayer
Sandy Pianalto
Fr. Steve Brunovsky

MEETINGS: The Foundation meets quarterly.

FOR INFORMATION: Diane Sarkis, Development Director, 330-608-4787 or or

Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council provides leadership and service for the spiritual and educational well-being of the parish. It serves as a consultative council to the Pastor, oversees the pastoral mission of St. Hilary and models ways of peacemaking through its actions, decision-making
processes and methods of conflict resolution. Each council member is assigned a group of ministries to act as their parish council liaison. Council members communicate regularly with the ministry leaders and present any issues to the council.

MEETINGS: Parish Council meets the fourth Tuesday of the month. Meetings are open and minutes are published in the Bulletin and on the website.

2016-2017 Parish Council Members:
Tim Miller (Chair): (330) 665-4569
Candace Hanson (Vice Chair/Spiritual Formation):  (330) 285-5132
Suzanne Scarpitti (Secretary/Education):  (330) 671-2188
Nick Bisconti (Caring and Participating):  (330) 666-6609
Robert Brownfield (Liturgy):  (330) 329-4277
Emilia Castro (Social Justice):  (802) 922-6453
Matt Fresh (Liturgy):  (330) 666-9389
Gina Poblete (Education):  (330) 665-4187
Rosanne Rohana (Evangelization):  (330) 867-4516
Ben Schlater (Social Justice): (330) 668-6971
Elaine Sisler (Spiritual Formation):  (330) 618-1434
Rob Whitehouse (Caring and Participating):  (330) 666-0717
T.J. Wolski (Evangelization):  (330) 608-1845

Click to view the June 28, 2016 Parish Council Minutes

School Board

An advisory body comprised of St. Hilary School parents, members are elected by school parents. The group assists the school administration and Pastor in making appropriate school-related decisions. The board promotes excellence in Catholic education by acting in the best interest of the students, parents, staff, and parish. It offers input on operational matters, policy development and similar administrative issues.

MEETINGS: Meetings are the second Tuesday of each month. Meetings are open and minutes are published in the school newsletter and on the school website.

FOR INFORMATION: David Woodburn, President: (330) 607-2533 or

Social Justice Council

This advisory body is comprised of leaders from our Social Justice Ministries, as well as parishioners with a strong commitment to social action. The council meets with the Pastor to recommend and plan educational opportunities and initiatives which foster a greater awareness and understanding of Catholic Social Teaching, and hosts special programs throughout the year.

TIME COMMITMENT: Approximately four meetings each year

FOR INFORMATION: Marie Colaner, 330-867-1055, ext. 217 or

Stewardship Council

Through prayer and reflection, the Stewardship Council develops a yearly plan to educate parishioners about the meaning of stewardship. The council also forms a long-range plan for allowing parishioners the opportunity to share their time, talent and treasure with the parish. Specifically, the Stewardship Council organizes stewardship weekends throughout the year. In addition, the council provides leadership training for ministry leaders.

TIME COMMITMENT: Monthly meetings are the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm.

FOR INFORMATION: Marie Colaner, 330-867-1055, ext. 217 or