Lector/Eucharistic Minister/Greeter Schedule

Current Lector/EM/Greeter/Mass Server Schedule

Above is the current schedule for Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Greeters, and Mass Servers. Just a reminder that if you request a sub, but do not receive an e-mail advising that someone has volunteered to take your place, you need to notify the Mass Coordinator.

The Mass coordinators are:

4:00 Mass

Peggy Garrison peggycgar@aol.com

Joe and Gay Bisheimer gaybish@yahoo.com

Mary Lou Miller grandmamiller7@aol.com

7:30 Mass:

Peter and Bonnie Hughes ponster84@roadrunner.com

Mike and Diane Vrobel vrobel@roadrunner.com

Greg and Jackie McDermott broganmcdermott@hotmail.com

9:00 Mass:

Robert Brownfield rb@stvm.com

Denise Fresh ddfresh1@msn.com

11:00 Mass:

Stephanie Sipe stephers1023@yahoo.com

Ann Switocz-Cohen switocz@uakron.edu

5:30 Mass:

Molly Glaser mollsglaser77@aol.com

Tim and Debbie Miller deborahamiller@roadrunner.com


Mary Jo McGuire rehabbed@integrity.com

Meg Hopp meg.hopp3@gmail.com


Questions by Eucharistic Ministers and Lectors should be directed to Jan Giles, 330-867-1055 ext. 216 or jgiles@sthilarychurch.org.

Questions by Servers should be directed to Phil Holvey at 330-867-1055 ext. 201 or pholvey@sthilarychurch.org.

Thank you for your service to your St. Hilary Parish Community.