Athlete Registration

Fall Sports Registration

To register for the following Fall sports, click here.

For questions regarding registration, please contact Lex Tomaszewski ( For questions regarding a specific sport, please contact the Commissioner.

Winter CYO High School Basketball: October 22-28

Ages: Both boys and girls in grades 9-12
Cost: $90 per player

Important Information Regarding Player Uniforms

  • Only new players will receive uniform with their registration. If a returning player has lost uniform or needs shirt or shorts they are available for purchase when registering.
  • SHAA includes the uniform in the entry fee the first time a player signs up for HS basketball:
  • Ninth graders have a uniform included (i.e. first year, they don’t need to buy)
  • New players have a uniform included (grades 10-12 who hadn’t played in prior year don’t need to buy)
  • First-year players from other parishes have a uniform included (and don’t need to buy)
  • If the player needs another uniform (outgrows/loses etc), it costs $20 for jersey and $15 for shorts
  • Players keep their uniforms from year-to-year. There is no turn-in at the end of any season. If a HS player turned in their uniform last year with a grade school sibling’s uniform, they need to buy a new uniform – or find one from a friend, etc.

The Pre-participation Physical Form must be submitted to play to SHAA registrar Missy Cheney. The Emergency Medical Authorization form is to be submitted to the respective coach at start of season.

For more information, please email John Strah (; for more information on registration, please email Lex Tomaszewski (

Click HERE to register

There are three steps to register for CYO sports through St. Hilary Athletics Association:

Verify Eligibility

  • Students enrolled in St. Hilary PSR are eligible.
  • Students enrolled in St. Hilary School are eligible.
  • High school students whose families are enrolled as St. Hilary parishioners are eligible.
  • Students enrolled in PSR at a parish other than St. Hilary may be eligible. These students must submit an Eligibility Request Form (ERF) to determine eligibility. This form must be signed by multiple parties prior to submission to SHAA, including the student’s home parish, and any other parishes required involved in releasing the athlete to St. Hilary. AFTER THIS FORM IS COMPLETED BY ALL THE OTHER PARISHES INVOLVED, it must submitted to Athletes cannot be assigned to a SHAA team until the paperwork is signed by all parishes involved and approved by SHAA and CYO.
  • Athletes who do not fall into one of the above categories are ineligible and should not register to participate in CYO sports through SHAA.

Register and Pay Online

Submit a Completed CYO Preparticipation Form

The link for the CYO Preparticipation Form contains two pages.

  • The first page is the Preparticipation Form. This is the form that must be filed annually with the SHAA Registrar. SHAA keeps all Preparticipation Forms on file in a central location per CYO regulations. Send the Preparticipation Form to the SHAA Registrar — not to your child’s coach!
  • The second page is the Emergency Medical Authorization form. This form must be provided directly to your child’s coach each season. Coaches need to keep this form on hand at practices and games in the event of an emergency. Give the Emergency Medical Authorization form to your child’s coach — not the SHAA Registrar!

Here are several options for submitting the Preparticipation Form — not the Emergency Medical Authorization — to the SHAA Registrar, in order of preference:

  • Google Docs/Drive: Share it with
  • PDF Email Attachment: To
  • Cellphone Picture (focused and legible): Send to
  • An email confirmation will be sent to you once the CYO Preparticipation Form has been received and processed.

The CYO Preparticipation Form requires a physician signature. Summa Urgent Care in Fairlawn will perform the physical exam for $25 and provide the signature without an appointment.

The CYO Preparticipation Form must be filed prior to participation in any practices or games. Failure to adhere to this requirement will result in CYO sanctions (coach suspensions and game forfeits) against our organization. Thus, athletes will not be placed on a team without a current CYO Preparticipation Form on file with the SHAA Registrar.

DO NOT GIVE the Preparticipation Form to your child’s coach! Practices often do not start until AFTER the roster and paperwork deadlines, and your child’s eligibility may be at risk if the Preparticipation Forms are not submitted to the SHAA Registrar in a timely manner. The only paperwork that you should give to your child’s coach is the Emergency Medical Authorization.

Financial Assistance

SHAA encourages participation in CYO sports for the wellness benefits of St Hilary students and parishioners, but also for the Catholic-centered athletic environment.  Our goal is to involve as many athletes as possible in our programs. A family’s personal financial situation should never prohibit a child from participating. Financial assistance is available by contacting Barry Thoman at All inquiries are handled confidentially.