The St. Hilary Athletic Association provides an organizational path for the children of the parish to participate in Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) and other area sponsored sports programs. The Athletic Association provides a structured format with emphasis on participation and Christian fellowship.

The goal of the St. Hilary Athletic Association is to provide the children of our parish the best sports program possible with the resources available to us. The Athletic Association is responsible for managing and directing all aspects of St. Hilary sports programs.

The Athletic Association is a non-profit volunteer organization comprised of parents and friends willing to give their time and talent to maintain a quality program.  If you would like to volunteer your time and talent to SHAA, please contact Lex Tomaszewski, at

The Athletic Association coordinates all activities associated with the sports programs offered. Annually, approximately 800 children participate in the following sports managed by the Athletic Association:

CYO Soccer: Fall – Grades 3-8
All Saints Soccer: Fall and Spring – Grade 1 & 2
Munchkin Soccer: Fall and Spring – Grades K
CYO Football: Fall – Grades 4-8
CYO Flag Football: Fall – Grades 1-3
CYO Cheerleading: Fall – Grades 4-8
CYO Cross Country: Fall – Grades 3-8
CYO Volleyball: Fall – Grades 3-8
CYO Basketball: Winter – Grades 3-8
CYO High School Basketball: Winter – Grades 9-12
Munchkin Basketball: Winter – Grades K, 1 & 2
GAASA Soccer: Spring – Grades 3-8
CYO High School Volleyball: Spring – Grades 9-12
CYO Track and Field: Spring – Grades 3-8

SHAA Contacts

Board of Directors

Barry Thoman, Athletic Director – –440-503-4205

Todd Stock, Assistant Athletic Director- – 330-670-1166

Mark McCauley, Treasure –– 330-635-5893

Lex Tomaszewski, Sports Information Director –– 330-701-0444

Missy Cheney, Registrar – – 330-697-4040

Fr. Steve Brunovsky, Pastor – – 330-867-1055

Athletic Association Directors

Wayne Weber, Facilities – – 330-867-0300

Melanie DePasquale, Sports Fundraiser – –330-239-0698

Scott Dudek, Ext. Field / Site Coord. – – 330-310-2921

Scott Dudek, Dick’s Spt. Gds. Rel. Mgr. – – 330-310-2921

Athletic Association Commissioners

Rob Whitehouse, Basketball – 330-212-3408

Kelly Kennedy, Munchkin Basketball – – 330-329-5138

Tammy Scott, Cheer Squad – – 330-848-1065

Michele Sollenberger, Cross Country – – 330-668-7871

Dennis Bentley, Flag Football – – 330-607-2395

Rob Whitehouse, Tackle Football – – 330-212-3408

John Scanlon, Soccer – – 330-607-1386

Todd Stock, Munchkin Soccer – – 330-670-1166

Lauren Palumbo, Track – 614-563-3897

Christy Woodburn, HS and Adult Volleyball – – 330-607-4417

Jamie Malick, Gr. 3-8 Volleyball – – 330-606-8507


The following coaching positions are open:

Tackle Football Commissioner – 2017 Fall Season:
Responsibilities Include:
     – Coordinate with the St. Hilary registrar on registration for tackle football, grades 4 thru 8, and with the athletic director          to establish fees
     – Work with other schools to merge programs to make sure there are enough players in each grade
     – Identify coaches and make sure they get the proper training
     – Keep up to date with CYO rule changes and share them with coaches, as appropriate
     – Set up a uniform distribution and collection system

Please contact Lex Tomaszewski at with questions  or interest

Sports Picture Coordinator:
St. Hilary Athletic Association is in need of a Sports Picture Coordinator beginning the 2017/2018 school year.  Training will take place during the spring sports season so please show your interest ASAP. Responsibilities include: arrange sports picture dates with Life Touch Sports representative (3 seasons), send an email to athletes regarding picture dates, assist the photographers and coaches with the logistics on those dates, receive picture orders at the school and help distribute to coaches/commissioners, and choose team photos for the yearbook. If you have any questions regarding this position, please contact Amy Goske at

All individuals interested in coaching for St. Hilary/CYO sports must complete the following PRIOR to any involvement with the players (Items # 1-3 only need to be completed ONCE in your CYO coaching career. Item #4 must be completed once every three years.):

1. Virtus Training

  • Virtus training is provided at your expense through the Diocese of Cleveland. Click here for a schedule of upcoming sessions including those in the Akron area

2. Background Check

3. Coaches Development Program (CYO)

  • Review information on the CYO Coaches Development Program. AA will pay the $30 attendance fee for all head and assistant coaches if you are assigned to be a coach in any given season.  You will need to complete the session prior to the start of your sport’s practices in order to be able to coach that season.

4. Online concussion training program

  • Individuals are not allowed to serve as a coach without:
    – Successfully completing, every three years, an online training program in recognizing the signs and symptoms of concussions and head injuries provided by the Ohio Department of Health
  • OR holding a Pupil Activity Permit (PAP) from the Ohio Department of EducationCYO requires coaches to take this free on-line training course in order to meet the requirements of Ohio’s law on concussions. Once the training is complete, coaches must print and submit the completion certificate via email to  If the coach possesses a Pupil Activity Permit (PAP) from the Ohio Department of Education a copy must be emailed to the same address.
Leadership Opportunities
There are no open positions at this time.
Student Workers
From time to time the Athletic Association needs to hire high school students to work as scorekeepers, scoreboard operators, etc. Typically workers are needed during the basketball and volleyball seasons. The Pastoral Designee/Athletic Director is responsible for hiring these students, not CYO. Any interested high school student should contact the Pastoral Designee/Athletic Director at to have his/her name added to the waiting list. Preference is given St. Hilary School graduates and students are contacted as needed on a first-come first-served basis. Students must be available to work evenings and weekends. Students successfully completing a season’s work will be invited to return for the following season until they graduate high school.
Leadership Opportunities
There are no open positions at this time.